Atif Kukaswadia


Current Queen's RDC project: Changes in organized sport participation among young Canadians: Using
growth curve modelling to study the effects of immigrant status

Datasets used: Cycles 1 through 8 of the National Longitudinal Survey

How do you envision your research project will be used by others? "The project will form one of the studies that comprise my PhD Dissertation in the Department of Public Health Sciences. The hope is that public health professionals can use these findings to help develop new programs and policies that will help immigrant youth adopt healthy habits and behaviours that will stay with them through the life course of Children and Youth."

Byron Lew


 Current Queen's RDC project: Interprovincial Migration and  Mobility in Canada, 1901-1951.

 Datasets used: Census of Population microdata files  prepared by Canadian Century Research Infrastructure.The  microdata files for 1921, 1931, 1941 and 1951 are all  still  restricted to usage in the RDC.

 Past Publications: 
 1. The Language of Opportunity: Canadian Inter-regional  and International Migration, 1900-1930 (PDF).  
 2. Interprovincial Migration in Canada, 1911-1951. (PDF)  

Erica Carleton                                     


Exploring the Relationship between Sleep, Workplace   Injuries, and Stress

 Datasets used: National Population Health Survey 4 - 6

 How this project will be used by others: Occupational injuries continue to exact an unacceptable toll in Canada as a result most research in this area has examined the predictors of workplace injuries. There has been less research on (a) the outcomes of workplace injuries and (b) the interaction of work and non-work roles in understanding the antecedents and outcomes of workplace injuries. Thus, the goal of this research is to extend cross-domain knowledge by examining work and non-work antecedents of work injuries, and both work and non-work outcomes.

Katie Goldie


A social ecological examination of cardiovascular risk factors among those with mental health disorders

 Datasets used: Canadian Community Health Survey Cycle 1.2

 How this project will be used by others: "There is limited evidence specific to the Canadian context about excess cardiovascular morbidity among persons with mental health disorders (MHD). It is unclear if elevated rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in this population can be attributed to MHDs themselves, exposure to psychoactive medications or larger structural factors. Moreover, few researchers have extended their investigations to account for psychiatric comorbidity or have applied cardiovascular risk prediction algorithms to conduct comprehensive assessments of this population's heart health. Three studies that utilized the CCHS Cycle 1.2 were undertaken to comprise my PhD dissertation. The findings are currently under review for publication but underscore the need for continued monitoring of CVD among Canadians with MHDs and development of effective clinical preventative strategies."

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